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Reverse Engineering Swimming Goggles

The Problem

Low-profile, lightweight, ergonomic swimming goggles can boost an athlete’s competitiveness and speed in the water. Our client, a swimwear design company, wanted to redesign a pair of swim goggles in order to improve their comfort and performance. But without a CAD model to work with, the company was unsure how to begin, so they contacted Absolute 3D to help create a digital 3D model of their new design.

Original Goggles

Raw Scan Data

The Solution

3D scanning is the fastest and most efficient way to tackle projects of this nature. In this case, we used our cutting-edge Creaform GoScan 3D scanner to rapidly capture the complex geometry of the existing pair of goggles. Then we used VX Elements software to process the raw scanned data, creating a fully optimized polygonal mesh with an appropriately high resolution for this project.

The Result

Our client was very pleased with the reverse engineered swim goggles. Reaching the perfect design can take several iterations, and the native SolidWorks model can be modified as needed based on further assessment and analysis of the design.

This case study demonstrates the benefits of 3D scanning technology compared to traditional methods – namely speed and accuracy. Our  scanners are accurate to greater than 0.1 mm, and modelling the goggles using this type of data is significantly faster than collecting measurements manually.

With assistance from the team at Absolute 3D, anyone can redesign a new product quickly and easily, based on any existing item.

Reverse Engineered Goggles