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3D Scanning Portable Radio

The Problem

3D models deliver a more compelling and interactive experience for customers, allowing them to zoom in and view items from an infinite range of perspectives. Our client, a portable radio vendor, required a 3D model of one of his products to enhance the marketing on his website. He reached out to Absolute 3D for help to create a 3D model, as well as some photorealistic 2D renders of the radio.

3D Model

The Solution

We began by scanning and digitising the radio using our leading-edge Creaform GoScan 20 scanner. Then we remodelled the radio using 3DS Max. The scan data acted as a guide to ensure accuracy during the remodelling process. We also made some design modifications as requested by our client.

Finally, we used Substance Painter to add texture to the model, and we used V-Ray to create several photorealistic 2D renders.

The Result

Our client was delighted with the result, and intends to use the 3D model and 2D renders for promotion of the  radio on their website.

3D scanning offers the fastest and most efficient way to convert complex objects into accurate digital models that can be used to help commercial products stand out from the crowd. If you’d like to find out how 3D technology can help market and promote your product, contact Absolute 3D today.

2D Render